My work

I'm educated as a software engineer and I'm employed at Klima Design A/S in Silkeborg, Denmark. My daily work is to develop and maintain software used for various stand alone controllers. The controllers are based on micro controllers, and are programmed in 'C', and sometimes a bit of assembler.

We develop and produce various electronic controllers. Among these are climate controllers for use within the agricultural industry. This type of controller measures temperature and humidity used to maintain a precise level of both in e.g. pig nurseries. In order to do this the controller supplies a certain level of heat and ventilation.

Furthermore, we also develop and produce controllers for water oxidation, oxygen monitoring, pH control, feeders within fish farming etc.

We also produce alarm units that can be used to monitor these controllers together with e.g. other digital inputs.

All can be remote controlled using a telephone together with our Speech Processor Dr.Bell and/or Professor Partyline with modem.

Have a look at to learn more about our products. If you prefers the Danish page use