My PC's

Please note! Before sending me emails with various questions about why your own system and configuration doesn't work as you had hoped and what can be done about, try asking around in newsgroups etc. since I don't' have the time to answer all your questions!

Configuration of my main PC:

Unit Description Download or link
Case: Medion MD8000, 235W PS, ATX Mini Tower No driver!
Motherboard: Medion - MD5000 v.1.0(MSI MS-6701) - BIOS Rev. 1.1B BIOS: V.1.14
BIOS: V.1.17
BIOS: V.1.1B
Manual: MD 5000 manual
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professionel Version 2002 with SP1 No driver!
Processor: Intel Pentium4 Northwood 2 - 2.66GHz/533FSB@2.9GHz/580FSB CPUCOOL/CPUFSB OC' tools
RAM: 1GB DDR-RAM, PC2700, Samsung
Thermaltake memory cooling kit
No driver!
Hard disk1: Seagate Barracuda ATA V - ST3120023A, 120GB, 2MB Cache, IDE100, 7200RPM No driver!
Hard disk1 controller: Onboard Sis controller No driver!
Hard disk2: Western Digital Caviar WD1200JD, 120GB, 8MB Cache, SATA150, 7200RPM No driver!
Hard disk2 controller: Promise SATA150 TX4 BIOS etc: Promise SATA150 TX4
CD/DVD-ROM: IDE DVD LITE-ON/JLMS HD165h 16x48x Firmware: V. CH0Z
Firmware: V. CH11
CD-ROM Recorder: IDE Sony CRX210E1 48x12x48x Firmware: V. 2ys2
Graphics: Medion Geforce4 Ti4200 AGP-8x(MSI MS-8889), 128MB-DDR(3,6nS) (Core/RAM @ 300/555MHz) Manual: Medion Geforce4 manual
Graphics driver: nVIDIA 42.86 - DirectX 9.0a Driver: nVIDIA 42.86 (beta) W2K/XP
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 957MB, 19 inches Driver: Samsung monitor driver
Sound card: Onboard 5.1 soundsystem, Realtek ALC650, AC´97 Driver: Realtek ALC650, AC´97
Speakers: Desktop Theater 5.1 - DTT2200 No driver!
Scanner: Canon Canoscan LiDE 50, USB. Driver: Canon driver
Internet ISDN adapter: Zyxel Plus Driver: Zyxel Plus
Web Camera: Video Blaster Webcam 3, USB Driver: Video Blaster driver
Driver: Video Blaster control update
Keyboard: Logitech Internet Navigator 2001 Driver: Internet Navigator 2001
Mouse: Logitech optical wheel mouse Driver: Wheel mouse
USB HUB1: Trust 4 port USB 2.0 HUB No driver!
USB HUB2: Adaptec 4 port USB 2.0 HUB No driver!

Benchmark results:

Note! Prior to benchmarking all unnecessary programs are stopped/disabled, such as antivirus-firewall-ICQ etc., in order not to disturb the benchmarking.


Sisoft Sandra 2003.7.9.73 Hard disk1 - (NTFS):
Hard disk2 - (NTFS):
Cache and memory:
Multi Media:

Configuration of my backup PC:

Unit Description Download or link
Case: Logic 985A, 400W PS, ATX Full Tower No driver!
Motherboard: Soltek SL-75KAV - BIOS Rev. Q12 - Via4in1-v4.45 Driver: Hyperion 4in1445
Driver: Hyperion 4in1446
Driver: Hyperion 4in1447
Manual: V.1.2 - English
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Version 2002 with SP1 No driver!
Processor: AMD Athlon 1333@1400MHz/266FSB with a Titan TTC-D5TB Cooler No driver!
RAM: 768MB SDRAM - 133MHz(Cas2) No driver!
Hard disk: Western Digital Caviar WD800JE, 80GB, 8MB Cache, IDE100, 7200RPM No driver!
CD-ROM: IDE DVD LITE-ON LTD163 16x48x Firmware: V. GN5N
Firmware: V. GH5Q
Firmware: V. GH5S
CD-ROM Recorder: IDE CD-RW LITE-ON LTR-16102B 16x10x40x Firmware: V. 0S0B
Firmware: V. 0S0E
Firmware: V. 0S0F
Firmware: V. 0S0J
Firmware: V. 0S0K
Graphics: Point of View Geforce4 Ti4200XP, 128MB-DDR(3,3nS) (Core/RAM @ 310/650MHz) See under graphics driver.
Graphics driver: nVIDIA 40.72 - DirectX 8.1 Driver: nVIDIA 40.72 (WHQL) W9x
Monitor: Sony Multiscan CDP200ES 17 inch Driver: Sony monitor info file
Sound card: Creative SB Live Player 5.1 Driver: SB Live Player 5.1 W9x
Speakers: Standard PC stereo speakers No driver!
Fax modem: Lasat Safire 336 Voice Driver: Lasat modem driver W9x
Keyboard: Medion KB-9908(Chicony) Driver: Medion(Chicony) driver W9x
Mouse: Microsoft IntelliMouse Driver: Microsoft OEM Windows driver

Benchmark results:


Sisoft Sandra 2002.1.8.59 Hard disk - (NTFS):
Cache and memory:
Multi Media:

Common configuration:

Unit Description Download or link
Internet: TDC - ADSL 512/128KBit No driver!
Internet Gateway/Router: 3COM - 3C855 Driver: 3COM - 3C855
Switch: Rubytech 8 port - SH8008KP No driver!